10 reasons why it is worth to be part of the Ring Running Series! – Ring Running Series

10 reasons why it is worth to be part of the Ring Running Series!

Running on a real Formula 1 – track, feeling the adrenaline on the Grand Prix circuit and achieving a new best time on the fast track: all this is possible at the Hockenheimring! Around 1000 participants were at the start of the premiere on October 17, 2021. You want to run with us, too? On November 27 you have the chance to start over the half marathon or marathon distance. Here you will find 10 good reasons why it is worthwhile to start at the Ring Running Series:


  1. Uniqueness: the track runs over the original Formula 1 – track, on which the greats of motorsports have already celebrated their successes and still bring the asphalt to boil. Goosebumps are guaranteed at the finish line, when the participants cross the original Formula 1 finish line!
  2. Speed: the course is flat and fast. Record and best time capable!
  3. Official: the route is officially measured. Accordingly, records are recognized and included in the list of best performers. Qualifying times can also be run at the Ring Running Series.
  4. Atmosphere: the Hockenheimring is a large stadium that also offers the appropriate sound system over almost the entire track and a special atmosphere for a top-class running experience.
  5. Infrastructure: the parking spaces are located directly on the premises. Thus, participants have only short distances from the car to the start and from the finish to the car.
  6. Adrenaline: whether Formula 1, DTM or IDM – the Hockenheimring is known for high speeds. On the race track you feel the adrenaline!
  7. Variable: Participants who have registered for the marathon and should decide during the race to run to the finish after the half marathon will have this option once they have crossed the half marathon control mat. You will then be automatically scored over the half marathon.
  8. Supporting program: the Hockenheimring offers an attractive supporting program with guided tours or e-kart rides for accompanying relatives as well as for participants.
  9. Security: the enclosed area offers the best conditions for a safe event in times of pandemic.
  10. Fun: finally standing at the start and running together with other participants again!


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We look forward to you!


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