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How the Ring Running Series came about

The world was in a special time. A time when almost all major events worldwide were canceled due to the COVID-19 measures. Large events in public space, with spectators, often with insufficient space to comply with the necessary distance regulations. What we love so much was hardly possible for us to put into practice at that time. Because running virtually – as ideal as this alternative is – is not the same.

It was autumn 2020 when we were all already tired of the many restrictions and it was not foreseeable when we would be able to practice our passion again. In which we missed feeling the race atmosphere again, the excitement before the start, the adrenaline on the track, smiling faces when crossing the finish line, running together. We were sure: it must be possible! That’s why we were looking for a way to be able to offer ourselves and above all you an event again, while complying with the necessary measures, of course.

And so we thought: what do we need? A structured and pandemic-oriented hygiene concept, sufficient space for logistics, a closed route area that allows too many spectators along the route to be controlled or even avoided in order to rule out an increased risk of infection, and the timing of the entire event to be equal. But where is there a site that makes all this possible? And so we quickly thought of the Hockenheimring.

Many know the Hockenheimring as a Formula 1 racetrack or as a venue for large concerts. But he offers much more. There is probably no more ideal place: a closed area, safe route conditions, and plenty of space for all basic logistical requirements. And he has a story. It’s a great setting for a race. The flat route is also record-breaking for runners. Emotions and goosebumps are guaranteed – at the latest when crossing the original Formula 1 finish line!

The idea was born

We set about implementing it. We took advantage of the home office and video conferences and developed a detailed concept for the Ring Running Series.

We – that is Björn Steinmetz, Marion Hillenbrand, Victoria Hillenbrand and Ingo Wirth – have been active in endurance sports, primarily running, triathlon and swimming, for decades. Active on the one hand as competitive athletes, where we stand at the starting line ourselves. We love to face challenges, to work towards a goal and to do our best to achieve this goal and to bring a sense of achievement and joy not only to ourselves but also to fellow campaigners, coaches, colleagues, friends, partners, family.

Active but also on the organizational side. Because we have turned our passion into a profession, even more: into a vocation and we can look back on more than 20 years of event experience in endurance sports.

Finally running together again

Today we can proudly look back on October 17, 2021. To the day that the first edition of the Ring Running Series took place over the half marathon and marathon distance. It was fantastic to finally be able to look at smiling faces again, to run together, to feel the competitive atmosphere. Unfortunately, we had to do without the traditional supporting programs, the get-togethers and a trade fair. But being able to offer you a safe event to enable you to do what we had been waiting for for so long: running together – that was our greatest concern.

The look into the future

Your great feedback on the first two races on site and to date motivates us every day and we look forward to welcoming you to the third edition at the Hockenheimring on November 27th, 2022 where we want to celebrate the end of the season with you.

Because the Hockenheimring also offers a great backdrop for running. Not only in terms of a safe venue in times of a pandemic. It’s much more a nostalgic racetrack, with the best conditions for new best times and records, with optimal logistical conditions for participants and spectators, with great potential for atmosphere and with the possibilities for supporting programs, activities and get-togethers.

We wish you a successful running season, stay healthy, and we look forward to welcoming you to the starting line at the Hockenheimring soon!

Your Ring Running Series team


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